Nationale Irish Wolfhound Ausstellung

Club Show 20.09.2003    Buochs

Richterin/Juge: Mrs. Jean McDonald-Uliott UK (Hibeck)



A big Thank You to the Committee inviting me to judge your Club Show.

The venue was perfect, the weather very kind to us with plenty of shade for the dogs.

Your temperaments are excellent with the exception of two, one aggressive male, the other a young bitch I was unable to get near,

she was very nervous.


You have some wonderful heads, so typical, with the gentlest expressions.

Although numerically there were few Wolfhounds, amongst them was quality, once again specially in the bitches;

where are the good males! But this is the same the world over.

Once again thank you for your kind hospitality, good company and sporting exhibitors


Jean McDonald-Uliott, Hibeck



Resultate + Photos

Jüngstenklasse Rüden

Classe Très Jeune Mâle


Tiocfaidh á lá Call Me Gershwin

Ch.Geronimo of the Falling Star X Tiocfaidh á lá Angie

Z.B. Müller D – E: M. Ferro-Luzzi CH



Jugendklasse Rüden

Classe Jeune Mâle

V 1

Thamar of the Combe Black

Rolf X Ric-Rac

Z+E: O.+ M. LeNeutre Naegel



Adhara’s Celtic Heartbeat



Offene Klasse Rüden

Classe Ouverte Mâle


As a Wonder Hound of Hovel

Alchymist v.d. Ölmühle X Naomi of Great Promise

Z+E: H. Müller+ B. Schmidt D


Vogt’s Alfred

Ch.Brokenwheel Uracil X Queene v. Othetal

Z: Vogt D – E: M.+ G. Maisenbacher D


Turas v.d. Eichelwiesen

Perry v.d.Eichelwiesen X Mabel v.d.Eichelwiesen

Z: Huber D – E: B. Schär CH

V 4


Thomas of Green Ireland X Jewel de la Valouse

Z+E: O.+ M. LeNeutre Naegel


Ballycran Tom

Knocknarea Philou X Knocknarea Lailli

Z: Fitzmaurice UK – E: R. Erb CH


Lonn of Nutstown

Marshgrove King of Nutstown X Nutstown Anne

Z: Kelly IRL -  E: Fehrenbach CH


Champion Kl. Rüden

Cl.Champion Mâle

V 1

Tiocfaidh á lá Alec

Mucha Moor’s Paulchen X Fenrier Honeymoon

Z. + E.: B. Müller D


Jüngstenklasse Hündinnen/Cl.Très Jeune Femelle

Vielverspr./Très Promettant

Tiocfaidh á lá Caprice Falling Star

Geronimo of the Falling Star X Tiocfaidh á lá Angie

Z. B. Müller D – E: A. Chevalley


Jugendkl. Hündinnen

Cl. Jeune Femelles

V 1

Crazy Casey Roan Inish

The HumptyDumpty dei Mangialupi X Aurora Roan Inish

Z+E: P. Tomasovicova SK

V 2

Yolande de Foix dei Mangialupi

Ch.Maol-Cu Lancelot of Curoï X

Ch.Hibeck Lady Felicity

Z.+ E. D. Iori & M. Poli

SG 3

Twist of the Combe Black

Rolf X Ric-Rac

Z+E: O.+ M. LeNeutre Naegel

Ohne Bew.

Sebaldus Andrasta

Vogt’s Alfred X Pamina von der Saalmühle

Z:Maisenbacher D – E: M.Leupin-Helmer CH



Sebaldus Anysia

Sebaldus Andarta



Offene Kl. Hündinnen

Cl. Ouverte Femelles




Bestes Gangwerk

meilleur mouvement

best movement

Miss Moppet dei Mangialupi

Ch. The Humpty Dumpty X Ch.Hibeck Felicity

Z.+ E. D. Iori & M. Poli

V 2

Xsora von der Oelmühle

Brokenwheel Uracil X Xtravagance von der Ölmühle

Z:Papenfuss/Rösner D –

E: Müller/ Schmidt


V 3


Bester Kopf

Meilleure tête


Liath Cailín of Nutstown

Marshgrove King of Nutstown X Nutstown Anne

Z: J.+ K. Kelly IRL –

E: I. Schmid-Vogt CH

SG 4

Famous Shine of Lake Valley

Falling Star Chieftain of the Green Highlands X

Helene v.d.Ölmühle 

Z.+E.: Th.+ M. Messmer CH



Rolf X Ric-Rac

Z+E: O.+ M. LeNeutre Naegel


Champion Kl. Hündinnen

Cl. Champion Femelles







Ch.Beddgelert’s Patty La Belle

Curoï Jazz X

Beddgelert’s Maggie May

Z+E: D. Laubis D

V2 /EX2

Ch.Aurora Roan Inish

Pitlochry’s Duncan X

Ch. Fantaghiro Norman

Z+E: P. Tomasovicova


Ohne Bewertung

sans jugement

Ch.Falling Star Angel of the Green Highland

Quincy of Kilmara X Sweet Eileen of the Falling Star Z: Hässig-Manke – E: Chevalley



Parade für Besten Kopf Meilleure tête

Liath Cailín of Nutstown