CAC- Club Show   


18.09.2004  -   Yverdon


Morgenstille, 3 Std vor der Ausstellung / La paix du matin 3 h avant l'exposition



Richter/Juge: Mr. Vic Harrison GB (Saringas Irish Wolfhounds) 



I was very pleased to be invited to judge at the Irish Wolfhound Club Show at Yverdon in Switzerland. I was indeed surprised to find that this show attracted exhibits from many surrounding countries. Overall, the quality was excellent. I was, however, somewhat disappointed with the absence of puppies. Here lies the future of this wonderful breed, and it is always a pleasure to assess what the future holds. For some reason in recent times, there seems to be a shortage of puppies generally. Not only is this the case in England, but also in Scandinavia.

My dog CAC winner was an upstanding young dog from Italy who will surely mature into a famous hound; the reserve to him being an established champion from Germany. I have to say, however, that – as often is the case – the bitches were generally of better quality than the males. Again, my CAC winner and BOB was from Germany, having made the long journey from Berlin. She is a quality bitch who is well capable of winning anywhere in the world. Fortunately, the RCAC was from Switzerland, which enabled me to escape from the charming people without being molested.

I had a wonderful time and was made very welcome by all concerned who appeared to accept my decisions with good heart.

Vic Harrison



Jüngstenkl. Rüden

Cl.Très Jeune Mâle

Very Promising 1

Clubsieger JüK Rüden

Cashmere Hound of Hovel

Xorcist v.d.Ölmühle X Brenda Hound of Hovel

H. Müller/B.Schmidt


Upstanding youngster of 8 months only, tall for his age and in consequence a little leggy right now, good head and expression, nice angulation front and rear, somewhat erratic when moving



Veteranenkl. Rüden

Cl.Vétéran Mâle

Ex 1

Clubsieger Veteranen

Pacy von der Eichelwiesen

Zebulon vo.d. Ölmühle X Ireen v.d. Eichelwiesen

I. Huber D/ B. Schär CH


Grand old man of almost 8 years, has done it all before, well muscled and of good conformation throughout, in fine health and enjoying his day out, stood alone, but this was not a hollow victory



Jugendkl. Rüden

Cl.Jeune Mâle

EX 1



Clubsieger JK Rüden

Adhara Icon Arnett Cobb

Wolfhouse Miles Davis X Adhara Millenium's Sunflower

V. Stöckli CH/Th. Käsermann CH


"Young dog of good type and conformation, a little overweight + lacks ringcraft, if he can learn to keep his  mind on the job, he will have further wins"

EX 2

Hugo's Back

Ch.Rossa of Nutstown x Eilish of Gerrardstown

M. O'Hare N.I./M.Mme Delacrétaz


"Nice youngster, good head and  expression, nice overall shape, would like a little more angulation, somewhat unsettled on the move

EX 3

Adhara Icon Oscar Pettiford

Wolfhouse Miles Davis X Adhara Millenium's Sunflower

V. Stöckli/ S. Weisflog


"Of good type, good reach of neck, a little narrow throughout, would like a little more .. does not stand well, cowhocked"


Offene Kl.  Rüden

Cl. Ouverte Mâle



Clubsieger OK Rüden

Araberara Hickory

Keltair's The Conquistador X Araberara Ciacola

M. Grassi I

Upstanding young dog of 2 years, very mature, exc. type + good conformation, I like his head and expression, would prefer a slightly darker eye, moved with ease and drive

EX 2

Turas v.d. Eichelwiesen

Perry v.d. Eichelwiesen X Mabel v.d. Eichelwiesen

I. Huber D/ B. Schär


"5.5 yrs, mature dog of good type. good head+ expression, exc.ear, lacks front angulation and in consequence does not extend in the move, never the less good for his age, not happy on the move"


Urricane de la Bastide de Castelbury

Gillian of Green Ireland X Polleen de la Bastide de Castelbury

A.+.J. Jacquet F/ Mme Pedron F


"A happy dog, who seemed to have a better time than me, good type overall, a bit lacking in angulation, extremely unsettled on the move, is a little to fond of his tail, he made us all realize, dog shows are just for fun, I'm in a good mood today"

VG 4

Bester Kopf

Adhara Celtic Heartbeat

Wolfhouse Miles Davis X Adhara Winsome Lady Obilot

V. Stöckli CH/Th Käsermann


"Pleasing young dog,nice type + expession, a little to square, lacking angulation in front + rear, I would like all together more bend of stifle, high set tail


Tiocfaidh a lá Call Me Gershwin

Geronimo of the Falling Star X Tiocfaidh á lá Angie

B. Müller D/M. Ferro-Luzzi CH


"Very tall mature dog for his age, pleasing head and neck, he lacks angulation fore and aft, very unsettled on the move, not happy today"


Championkl. Rüden

Cl.Champion Mâle



Clubsieger ChK Rüden

Ch. Bouba Hound of Hovel

Brokenwheel Uracil X Naomy of Great Promise

H. Müller + B. Schmidt


Compact young dog, not tall, he has adequate bone, nice head, good reach of neck, well ribbed back, although a little soft in topline, maybe a little hot for him today, moved with little draw



Jüngstenkl. Hündinnen/ Cl.Très Jeune Femelle

Promising 1


Clubsieger JüK


Stonehenge Giants Amanda

Yesterday Dreams v.d. Ölmühle X Raya v.d.Saalmühle


K.+.H. Rohrer CH


"Promising young lady, good type + conformation, adequate bone, a little long cast, her tail is not her best point, moved very unsettled"

Promising 2

Stonehenge Giants Aimie

Yesterday Dreams v.d. Ölmühle X R

Raya v.d.Saalmühle


K.+.H. Rohrer CH


"Exc. ... young lady. very unsettled, good head,exc. dark eye, good reach of neck. adequate bone and size, maybe a little long cast, I am fond of her tail, we will watch her development with interest."





Jugendkl. Hündinnen

Cl.Jeune Femelles




Clubsieger JK Hündinnen

Darcy Romance of Nutstown

Ch.Rossa of Nutstown X Eilish of Gerrardstown

J.+ K. Kelly IRL/C. Brandenberger F


"Exc young bitch of good type, nice head exc. dark eye, still quite immature, lacks substance, somewhat unsettled on the move

VG 2

Phyllis vom Schloss Neuschwanstein

Irvagyon Zozyi X Dinah vom Schloss Neuschwanstein


M. Zahoran H/P. Saner CH


"a young lady and her dog, both unsettled on the move, at least the dog stood up, still very immature for her age, with pleasing head, lacks angulation and muscle, not a very good tail"




Best Mouvement

Club Champion

Chaya vom Elsengrund

Wolfhouse Master Copy X Aiwa Surycan

R. Achtel D

"Nice compact bitch of just 2 yrs of exc. type + conformation, good head and exc. dark eye, plenty of neck good shoulder with exc. angulation in front and rear, balanced, plenty of bone, yet feminine, moved very well, and what an excellent beard!


Adhara Millenium's Nightflight

Nathan du Grand Chien de Culann x Adhara Aristocratic Amael

V. Stöckli/ J.Kutzli/E.Müller

Nice compact bitch, 4 yrs, exc. type, mature well angulated + balanced, good head + ear, would like a darker eye, but we can't have everything, not happy on the move today


Araberara Hibra

Keltair's The Conquistador X Araberara Ciacola


M. Grassi I


"Striking young bitch of ex type and good outline, exc head and expression, would like a darker eye, moves with drive and plenty of front extension, expertly handled

EX 4

Tiocfaidh á lá Caprice Falling Star

Geronimo of the Falling Star X Tiocfaidh á lá Angie


B. Müller D/ A. Chevalley


"Upstanding young bitch, tall and very mature for her age, has plenty of bone, angulation and muscles, yet still not mature, a very big lady and an outstanding prospect.


Liath Cailín of Nutstown

Marshgrove King of Nutstown X Nutstown Anne

J.+ K. Kelly IRL/ I.Schmid-Vogt CH

"Mature bitch of good type, nice head and expression, exc. ear, a little straight in upper arm, a little square behind, good topline, moved with ease, a little close behind"


Chandra vom Elsengrund

Wolfhouse Master Copy X Aiwa Surycan

R. Achtel D/N. Vogt-Müller CH

"Nice young bitch of 2 yrs,good head, exc.ears and dark eye, maybe a little long in cast (in loin), has sufficient angulations,balanced, very unsettled on the move"


Quara of Gholtsmeding

Ch. Nightcap's Archie X Wolftone Melanie

M. + R. Tothlübbers D/ M. Haase D

"Mature bitch, suffering with the heat today, she had her 1st litter 12 weeks ago, she is in surprisingly good condition, good type, exc. head, good overall shape, she let down a little bit in movement today"


Phara of Nutstown

Nutstown Adare X Cashla of Nutstown

J. + K. Kelly IRL/ Th. Bergdoll F


"Mature bitch, 5 yrs, having difficulties with the heat today, she is a good overall type, a little overweight and unsettled, but what lovely ears"


Club Champion 2004

Chaya vom Elsengrund

R. Achtel/S.Bensmann