Club Show 22.09.07 Basel

Richter/Juge: Mrs. E. Thornton GB

Alle Fotos I. Schmid-Vogt


Jüngstenklasse Rüden

Cl Très Jeune Mâle

VV 1

Quintos v.d.Sarrazenen (6.02.07)

Marvin v.d.Sarrazenen X Da-wha-she v.d.Sarrazenen

Sarrazin D/T. Hochstrasser


Beautiful head and ears, well boned puppy with shapely hindquarters and beautiful, well carried tail. Moves soundly, would prefer a little more layback of shoulder and slope of humerus, but a balanced puppy who kept his outline when he moved. Accurate up and down with good space between his hocks.


Jugendklasse Rüden

Cl. Jeune Mâle



Jugend CAC


Perry von der Saalmühle (21.03.06)

Yesterday's Dream v.d. Oelmühle X Enniscay von Yougal

C.Schmutzler D


This 18month old dog gave me flashes of commanding appearance when settled, he is a big dog with a lot of "hound" in his outlinge. Masculine head, perhaps could be slightly stronger in muzzle compared to skull, well set ears and kind expression. he has good head carriage, I would prefer a better laid shoulder and upper arm. Strong bone, a deep large chest and a strong topline. His hindquarters are well shaped, hope he gets more muscle with maturity and learns better control of tail

SG 2

Buzz of the Combe Black  (13.09.06)

Saringas Mr Gregsbury X Ric Rac

Le Neutre

SG 3

Zahirri Sagittarius(15.08.06)

Pitlochry's Vincent X Aurhore of First Avenue

B.STratkowska / M.Wolf D


Offene Kl. Rüden

Cl. Ouverte Mâle

EX 1


Pitlochry's Zardoz  (6.10.04)

Pitlochry's King Kevin X Liadhain Lonmhain Norman

Fernhout NL - D.Iori/M.Poli I


This cream dog has particularly good expression, eyes match his coat color. Reasonable layback of shoulder, he has decent breadth of chest. Would prefer slightly better laid upper arms. he presents a balanced appearance standing, but I would prefer some arch over the loin, well shaped stifles.

I liked the dogs movement viewed from behind, he really drove off his hocks with good width and spring in movement. The tiniest bit restricted in front, I would prefer less tightness in ellbows coming towards me, an excellent dog.

EX 2


Araberara Ligos  (20.04.05)

Cerbero X Araberara Hibra

M.Grassi I/ A.Tanadini I


Very tall young dog with exceptional amount of shape. I would prefer more quality in head as it needs to be slightly longer. Incisors are worn. Ears carried high. He has still to settle back in shoulder and in upper arm, he is narrow in front. His chest still needs to develop. He has amazing delelopment of stifles, exceptionally long second thigh with low hocks. I wish his movement front and back were better balanced, at the moment his rear overpowers his front in profile. His hound shape overall gives him EXC

SG 3

Ardghal Lad (8.09.05)

Millenium of Nutstown X Eilish of Gerardstown

Kelly IRL/Th. Bergdoll F

SG 4

Dexter Imos von der Saalmühle  (27.03.04)

Mighty Hunter v.d.Saalmühle X Sweet Heart v.d.Saalmühle

C.Schmutzler D/G.Rüdenauer D


Kiru von den Sarrazenen  (1.03.05)

Varunai v.d.Sarrazenen X Da-Shi-Zhi v d Sarrazenen.

Sarrazin G/ B.Schär CH


Saringa's Mr. Uriah Heep



Veteranenkl. Rüden

Cl. Vétéran Mâle

SG 1

Let's Go von der Saalmühle  (30.07.99)

Ashley von der Saalmühle X Conner McLords Carmen

C. Schmutzler D



Cl.Très Jeune Femelle

VV 1

Puppy BIS

Qimana v.d. Sarrazenen  (6.02.2007)

Marvin v.d.Sarrazenen X Da-wha-she v.d.Sarrazenen

M.Sarrazin D/F.Bur F


Exceptionally pretty baby puppy with beautiful expression and ears. Her puppy coat is ready to change as this is rather soft. She has great quality in outline with curving stifles and strong straight front legs. Just needs to keep maturing along the route that she already on. Very promising

VV 2

Araberara Mochela  (8.03.07)

Araberara Legor X Araberara Echo

M.Grassi I/ H.Anwender D


This dark brindle baby puppy has lots of curves for age and has strong bone plus plenty of depth of chest. I would prefer more strength in her topline, it is dipping at the moment.

Her movement shows the promise of some reach and drive in profile, she needs to use her hocks and develop more drive. Her hindquarters are very curvy, so this might come. Very promising


Jugendkl. Hündinnen

Cl.Jeune Femelle

V 1

J. CAC Jugendsieger


Pappa col Pomodoro dei Mangialupi  (9.10.06)

Pitlochry^s Zardoz X Yolande de Foix dei Mangialupi

D.Iori/M.Poli I


This 11 month old bitch has great maturity in her chest development, she presents the outline of an older animal. She is exceptionally beautiful and houndy with perfection in outline, bone, reach of neck and muscular stifles. She has a calm expression. To be picky, her well set ears are slightly flat. Her movement is exceptional for any age, producing reach as well as drive, Excellent

V 2

Res. J CAC

Karla of Shantamon  (17.09.06)

Ch. Lazy Bones of Nutstown  X  Dancer of Shantamon

G.Clarke EIR/ O. Lagalisse F


This 12 month old black puppy would benefit from ring training, as she is much better as she usually permits you to see. She has a deep and broad chest and a strong topline, her head is well carried and has one flat ear. She has big muscular hindquarters and is a very sound mover. One I would like to take home. Excellent


Offene Kl. Hündinnen

Cl. Ouverte Femelle

V 1


Araberara Legressa  (20.04.05)

Cerbero X Araberara Hibra

M. Grassi I


Large heavy boned brindle bitch, she has a very good outline and is in full maturity of chest and general shape. This bone and substance has perhaps come at the cost of more masculinity in head that I would want to see in a bitch. She has very light eyes, but good pigment. I would like an inch more leg length. All this being said, she is a wonderful houndy Wolfhound with wonderful movement in profile, just rolling slightly over the shoulders in profile, but producing a raking long stride with great accuracy up and down. Excellent

V 2


Saringa's Miss Hortense  (28.05.04)

Ch.Garbhan of Green Ireland X Baronfor Caoimhe by Saringa

Dove- Harrison UK/ R.+ R.M. Erath CH


This bitch has a lovely head and expression. Her incisors are worn and her well set ears could be smaller. She has a well laid shoulder, would prefer slightly more bone in the forelegs and for her to be a little taller. Her chest is deep and her outline extremely shapely with long second thighs and low hocks. She presents a lovely outline standing and her moement up and down is extremely sound.

She needs to present a more commanding appearance,  in profile movement she is very active, but rather uncontrolled. Excellent

SG 3

Carlotta Hound of Hovel  (5.01.04)

Xorzist von der Oelmühle X Brenda Hound of Hovel

H. Müller D


Championkl. Hündinnen

Cl.Champion Femelle

V 1


Xzora von der Oelmühle  (31.12.01)

Brolenwheel Uracil X Xtravagance v.d.Oelmühle

Papenfuss/Rösner – H. Müller D


This grey brindle bitch has a beautiful head and expression with tightly rosed rêars. Incisors are worn. She presents a balanced outline, though I would prefer more arch over the loin. She has a very harsh coat, good bone and balanced outline, although I would prefer a slightly better layback of shoulder. Her movement is extremely good, with drive off the hocks and width both there and in front action. Excellent

V 2


Araberara Hibra  (24.10.02)

Such Keltair Conquistador X Ch Araberara Ciacola

M.Grassi I


Beautiful headed grey brindle. She has lovely expression. Incisors are worn, her ears are rather large. Exceptionally deep body, strong topline, layback of shoulder and curb of stifles. She has a lot of type and quality. But today, was not moving well. She lacks drive behind and seemed restricted in front. Her profile movement was just good enough. She is still an excellent and shapely bitch


Veteranenkl. Hündinnen

Cl.Vétéran Femelle

V 1


Veteranen BIS

Bester Kopf

Meilleure tête

Adhara Millenium's Nightflight  (11.08.00)

Nathan du Grand Chien de Culann X Adhara Hopeful Lady Viviane

V.Stöckli CH/ J.Kutzli-E.Müller CH



Club Champion 2007











Pappa col Pomodoro dei Mangialupi



Pappa col Pomodoro

dei Mangialupi


Perry von der Saalmühle


Bester Kopf

 Adhara Millenium's Nightflight



 Herzlichen Dank auch an die tatkräftige Hilfe der Leute vom Dressurverein Basel!