Club Show  2.10 2010  - Yverdon

Richterin/Juge/Judge Miss Jenny Dove (Saringa's I.W. GB)


Rüden - Jüngstenklasse

Mâles - Cl. Très Jeunes

Dogs - Puppy Class







Heaven of Kirld Ground Castle

William of Nutstown X Eleanor of Our Valley

M. Daubenfeld LUX/ F. Vesin F

28.03.10 - LOL H/046-10


6 months red, very well balanced, pleasing head with good expression,

nice ear set.

A real baby who moves with style, looks good standing, promising youngster





Rüden - Jugendklasse

Mâles - Cl. Jeune

Dogs - Youth Class




Knallasen’s Gadnidze





Mevin-Moloney of Green Ireland

Ardghal Lad  Saringa’s Miss Hortense

R.+ R.M. Erath H – R.Erath/ P.Yves F

2.10.2009  -  SHSB 686492


Very Handsome, lovely Black. Léovely head, dark eyes with good expression.

Excellent overall Balance with good depth of brisket and length of ribbing. Has excellent Style, moves well, a little overenthusiastic when moving, will settle with maturity.






Rüden - Zwischenklasse

Mâles - Cl. Intermédiaire

Dog Intermediate Class



Brettenhall’s Merlot

Pitlochry’s Hammer X Brettenhall’s Deluxe

J. Berger Vincon D – T.+.B. Mosca-Schütz CH

3.03.09 - SHSB 692603


18 months, mature masculine hound, has good substance and bones, has good overall balance, good depth and body.

Mouth could be better, ear carriage could be better, but he moves adequately and with purpose, front-hind angulations do coordinate





Rüden -  Offene Klasse

Mâles Classe Ouverte

Dog Open Class


VG 4


Daiquiri des Vignobles de la Canterrane

McLight’s Forget me not from Ballalyn X Tina of Muma

Esnault/Cautres – C.Roumeguère F

3.02.08 - LOF 10 IW4027


2 1/2 yrs Brey brindle, head and expression not my style, but has good ears and carriage. Heavily made hound who lacks elegance and style.

Would like to see more angle of upper arm, which spoils his front mouvement. Hind mouvement could be better, lacks drive.

EX 1



Ardghal Lad

Millenium of Nutstown X Eilish of Gerrardstown

J.+ K. Kelly IRL – Th.Bergdoll F

8.09.05 - LOF 10IW3760-772


4yrs Black, well balanced overall with good substance and bone, lovely eye and expression. Would like more bend of upper arm, but he moves adequately. Has very good breed type overall

VG 3


Kiru von den Sarrazenen

Varunai v.d.Sarrazenen X Da-Shi-Zhi v d Sarraz.

Sarrazin G/ B.Schär CH

1.03.05 - SHSB 643175


5 1/2, cream tall upstanding hound, well balanced head and good ear set.

Front and hind angulation do not coordinate, front movement not good due to weakness from pasterns. Bite could be better. Well handled.


EX 2


Cian of Cnoc Gréina

Turas v.d.Eichelwiesen X Chandra vom Elsengrund

N.Vogt-Kerr USA – B Schär CH

16.05.07 - SHSB 664933


3 1/2 yrs masculine Grey, I like his head and expression. Well balanced with good ears + set. Bite unfortunately not perfect, but he has good overall breed type. Front angulation and movement better that the rear. lacks drive.





Rüden - Veteranenklasse / Mâles Cl. Vétérans / Dog -Veteran Class



Umprey de la Bastide de Castelbury








Rüden - Hors Concours

Mâles - Hors Concours

Dog - Hors Concours




Ch.Saringa’s Mr. Gregsbury

Ch. Sir Thomas of Green Ireland X Baronfore Caoimhe by Saringa

J. Dove + V. Harrison UK – R. + R.M. Erath

30.01.03 - LOS 625194


eight yrs Black.

Lovely overall type and conformation. A little unsettled when moving, but has great style and presence.

Well handled. Best head and expression so far.






Hündinnen  - Offene Klasse

Femelles - Cl. Ouverte

Females - Open Class



Knallasen’s Diaspore




Jil-Janine von Wilar


EX 2



Clogan Grainne

Ch.Lazy Bones of Nutstown X Kalerigg Clogan’s Delight

Mrs D.Bartolozzi IRL– O. Lagalisse F

17.03.08 - LOF10IW4512/1084


2 1/2 yrs Black. Pretty Head + expression, dark eyes, correct ears + set.

Still a little immature. Good length of body and depth. Front and hind angulations coordinate. She has good style and presence

EX 1



Best Head

Best Movement



Broughadowey Ah Maigh

Gwernfed Dal Dydir X Midnight Emma of Nutstown

W. + J. Mullen N.Ireland

16.03.08 - IKC Y 24134


2 yrs, excellent Hound, best today in my eye.

Superb breed type and overall balance. Excellent drive and reach when moving. Gorgeous head and expression. Correct bite.

Mature elegant bitch, excellent handling





 Hündinnen Veteranenklasse

Femelles -Vétérans

Females - Veterans

EX 1

Vet. CAC


Brettenhall’s Deluxe

Eros v.d.Saalmühle X Brettenhall’s Bernice

I.Berger-Vincon D

2.10.02 - DWZB IW 10470


Today 8 yrs. Very typy bitch. Although a little fat, she moves enthusiastically. Has good overall Balance. Well handled

EX 2


Inès of Green Ireland

Dalkey of Green Ieland X Lowenna O’Eirinn Ghlas

Z: Erath CH – B. D. Yu CH

2.05.02 - LOS 610320


8 1/2 years old bitch, who has many breed characteristics.

Showing her age today in the heat, but front and hind angulations coordinate. Very good head and expression, nice dark eye, correct bite.







Club Champion 2010


Bester Kopf/meilleure Tête/ Best Head

Bestes Gangwerk/Meilleur Mouvement/Best movement


Broughadowey Ah Maigh (Mia)

(Gwernfed Dal Dydir X Midnight Emma of Nutstown)

W. + J. Mullen IRL




Ardghal Lad






Bester Junghund/Meilleur Jeune/Best Junior

Mevin-Moloney of Green Ireland




Bester Veteran/meilleur Vétéran/Best Veteran

Brettenhall's Deluxe




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