Celtic - Pictes - Gaels


Pictic Stone engraving


The Lydney Dog, Bronze ca.365 v.Ch


Bowl, unearthed in Tara ca.750 AD



Handle of a Bronze Cauldron

Rock Painting (Louvre)


Motivs from "The Book of Kells"








Middle Ages - Renaissance


The Tapestry of Bayeux ca 1100

Knight de Burgh

"Les très riches heures" du Duc de Berry


The Feast of the Chief the MacSweyns 1581

Woodcut 1500


Paulus Potter -1560



Frans Floris de Vriendt - The Falconers Wife

1570 Musée de Caen







Van Dyck - Thomas Wentworth Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford

was Lord Deputy of Ireland 1632-1638


Sir Neill O'Neill (1680)

made a Gift of 2 Wolfhounds to Queen Elizabeth I




                                                       Emperor Charles V                                        Infanta Juana of Spain

                                by Tizian                       by Jakob Seisenegger                           (his daughter)


1700 - 1860

1790 "Bewicks Quadrpeds"

1792 Buffon

Irish Wolf Dog by Reinagle  ca1800

(Ossian, Hamilton Rowan's Hound)

The O'Toole + his Wolfhounds in Dublin

1800 Henry Chalons


1820 Arthur Wardle


1800 W. H. Ward (prop. of E. Murphy)


1860 - 1900 ca. (Capt. Graham's Zeit)

Drawing by Capt.Graham

1889 from Dalziel's British Dogs

Capt. Graham's Scot

Capt. Graham's Ch. Sheelah

Sir Brian, bred by Graham, Owner Herbert Dicksee


Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) + Shadow 1869

1893 Rev. Lindsay's Tara

Dog Show 1899 in Ranelagh, Judge: Capt. Graham

Dog Show app. 1900

Wolf Tone + Cotswold 1901

Ch. Cotswold 1900

Ch. Cotswold 1901


1900 - 1940




1909 The Viking's Daughter (Herbert Dicksee)

Patience (Herbert Dicksee) 1922

Herbert Dicksee


Postcard 1920